Kalaya is a spectacular Canadian health, beauty and personal care brand that I’ve been working with for the past year. I’m loving every moment of the ongoing collaboration where I test out their new products and give feedback to my network and the company.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Kalaya offers a wide range of products to consumers seeking some tender loving care in a more natural light. The firm was founded by a physician and pharmacist, offering medically designed topical pain relief creams, skin, and oral care, among many other remedies. All products are proudly paraben-free and sulphate-free.

Fresh on the market is their 6X Extra Strength Pain Relief cream, enhanced with cannabis sativa seed oil.

For anyone new to this realm, including myself, it can get a little complicated. So to further expand on this, cannabis sativa is the name of the plant which includes the leaves, flowers, seeds, etc. The ingredient this company has added is the oil that comes from the seeds. This oil is known to be an effective carrier, delivering the other ingredients in this product more effectively, thus enhancing its pain relief action. It is also known for its inflammation-reducing properties and is a powerful skincare ingredient.

Kalaya Cannabis Sativa Pain Relief

Cannabis sativa seed oil comes from the seed of the cannabis sativa plant. It doesn’t it have THC or CBD properties. I had the pleasure of trying this out before it launched on broadcast television (Today’s Shopping Choice), and I must say it’s glorious. I have suffered from neck and back pain since I was a child due to some spinal issues and other muscle aches and pains. This cream gave me that instant satisfaction upon application and the relief lasted for several hours. I also found it helped me sleep more soundly and elevated my mood overall. After all, an achy back can put you in a grouchy rut!

The price is quite reasonable, at just under $15 for a 60g tube, which should last quite some time as I found a little goes a long way. There is also a 120g tube for purchase exclusively from Today’s Shopping Choice.

You can check out more on this and more of Kalaya products at eVitality.catsc.ca, and kalaya.ca.