Yesterday, inside the gorgeous Thompson Toronto in King West, I had the chance to peruse all the glitz and glam offered to celebrities passing through the city. That’s right, it’s that time of year again! The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing, and each year I’m so grateful to be invited to check out the latest trends in beauty, beverages, literature and tech. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this year’s Bask-it-Style event, put on by Glo Communications.

Michael Hill is a jeweler with New Zealand beginnings, retailing pieces designed to be welcoming and accessible to everyone. They had some stunning new rings and necklaces on display this year. This crystal ring really caught my attention!

Monat also shared some new updates in their hair care line…

Amber & Ash had some super cool bags and smart phone accessories to boast. These phone stands were my favorite of the bunch, making it convenient to hold and prop up my cell wherever and whenever needed.

I just so happen to love wine AND tea! These new additions to my beverage collection are most welcome. Oteas come in a variety of delicious flavors and the company uses 100% plant based packaging – win win! Rueda provides fresh, vibrant white wines from central Spain. Perfect for your next meal pairing.

Liva is raw date sugar that’s both organic and gluten free. I hadn’t heard of date sugar until now, but I’m glad I was introduced to this fabulous product. What a great alternative to the traditional, refined sugar. Liva can be used to sweeten your morning coffee and for all your baking needs. Being more health conscious these days, this really caught my eye.

raw date sugar

Indigena is a line of skin care using ingredients foraged from Newfoundland’s land and sea. Boreal forest extracts and North Atlantic sea botanicals make for unique formulations. These cute carrying cases contained samples of all their beauty blends.

Indigena cosmetic beauty

So many treats! It was loads of fun taking a look at what’s trending, not to mention, getting some gift giving ideas for the holiday season ahead.

Credit: Photographs by Kenney Pollard / Ryan Emberley Photography